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Message from Hockey Canada

Hockey Canada is dedicated to “Leading, Developing and Promoting Positive Hockey Experiences.” For many years, we as an organization and with the support of our members and minor hockey associations have delivered programming around the prevention of bullying, harassment and abuse. Through education, promotion and policy and procedure we have been able to reduce bullying, harassment and abuse in the game and we thank you for your support in this prevention.

As the world’s technology becomes more and more advanced we see many benefits created – but if websites, email, texting and social media are used in negative ways the cyber world becomes a negative experience for children, teens and adults.

As administrators, coaches, officials, safety people, parents and players in the game of hockey, we all have a responsibility to stop bullying, harassment and abuse in the game, and cyberbullying is an important component of this prevention.

Hockey Canada has teamed up with Kids Help Phone and PREVNet to bring you resources and tools to assist you with prevention of cyberbullying in the hockey environment and we urge you to review the information provided.

We hope you find the cyberbullying resources we have put together useful and we thank you for your dedication to the game.

Message from Kids Help Phone

“I get pushed around a lot and I really don't like it. I play hockey for my school and since I’m not the best they always [call me names] … I really need your help! PLEASE.”

-- Young person on

At Kids Help Phone, our professional counsellors hear every day from young people affected by bullying and cyberbullying, like this teen who wrote to us after being called terrible names by other kids on her team. 

No young person should ever be bullied, but fortunately help and hope are there for all those affected from places like Kids Help Phone and now through Hockey Canada. Kids Help Phone applauds Hockey Canada’s effort to promote respectful, safe, and fun environments for all kids, parents and coaches involved in hockey.

We are proud to join you and other partners in making this great resource available.

Katherine Hay
President & CEO
Kids Help Phone

Message from PREVNet

PREVNet is a national network of leading researchers and youth-serving organizations working together to stop bullying in Canada. It is the first network of its kind in Canada and a world leader in evidence based bullying prevention. Through education, research, training, and policy work, PREVNet aims to help every child and youth grow up happy, healthy and safe. PREVNet shares Hockey Canada’s commitment to a positive hockey experience for all participants, through upholding and instilling the values of dignity, respect for all people, fair play, honesty, and integrity.  PREVNet is proud to stand alongside Hockey Canada in our shared efforts to proactively address bullying in all of its forms, in order to ensure that everyone involved in the game experiences respectful relationships and mental and physical well-being.

Joanne Cummings, Ph.D. C.Psych
Director of Knowledge Mobilization, PREVNet