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Make Hockey More

Hockey Canada champions the strength of Hockey in Canada; however, we’ve heard that the definition of hockey has changed from an accessible sport for each and every Canadian, to an all-or-nothing pursuit. And we believe in changing that narrative.

We want to remind people that hockey isn’t only about unwavering commitment and elite performance, it comes in many different forms and can be played at many different levels. Hockey Canada believes in making hockey more than scoring goals and winning games. We believe in providing more opportunities, creating more friendships, inspiring more diversity, having more fun, providing more ways to play, making more memories and helping launch more hockey dreams.

Hockey Canada is Canada’s largest team where we play, teach, plan, promote, coach, cheer, celebrate and work every day for one reason: making hockey more. Together, let’s focus on what makes our game so great.

Winter is for hockey not hibernation


Most of us think we know hockey.
But maybe we’ve come so far, we’ve forgotten what it’s all about. Distracted by our own success.
Championships, spotlights, sponsorships, and scoring records? These are great.
But are they what we should celebrate?

Let’s make hockey about more than the fame, or the glory.
Let’s make hockey about the little moments we share on and off the ice.
Let’s make hockey happen in more places and in more communities.
Let’s make hockey about more than making the team.

Let’s make it Canada’s largest team.

A team where the bonds are forged by friends.
A team that stands up to racism, sexism or any other ism.
A team that puts sticks out on the front porch out of respect.
A team with a nation behind it.

Together, let’s make hockey more.

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Linemates Make the Best Mates

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