1960 Olympic Winter Games

1960 Winter Olympic Games


Although the Whitby Dunlops won the Allan Cup in 1959 – and with it the right to play for Canada at the Olympics – the team declined the opportunity, paving the way for the Kitchener-Waterloo Dutchmen to go to Squaw Valley. As in 1956, however, the Dutchies couldn’t take a number of players because of their formerly professional status, so recruits had to take their place, among them Harry Sinden of the Dunlops, the future head coach of Team Canada. The result was little better than four years earlier, as Canada finished second behind the Americans. The result was a defining moment for hockey’s history in Canada as Gordon Juckes, president of the CAHA, noted in his report afterwards: “In the future I believe that team efficiency – even at a sacrifice of individual talent – is of prime importance, and coupled with that, of course, must go team spirit and determination. These characteristics can only be achieved if our Canadian team operates most of the season, prior to the Games, as a unit.”

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