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Active with Adam – Strength

Hockey Canada’s lead strength and conditioning coach shares tips and tricks to help players stay active at home and start preparations for next season

Jason La Rose
April 13, 2020

While the 2019-20 hockey season was forced to an early end due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no reason why the focus cannot begin to shift to next season.

One positive of social distancing is the opportunity for players of all ages and abilities to focus on improving away from the rink.

Off-ice training is just as important for hockey development as being on the ice. It allows for athletes to focus on bio-motor abilities (speed, power, strength, flexibility, conditioning) that will enhance their on-ice skills.

Let’s break down the ways to improve these specific areas at home to make sure players are ready to lave up the skates in the fall.



There are a lot of different (and creative ways) to build strength. The key is to think of how the body moves – perform exercises that focus on pushing, pulling, hinging (bending over) and rotating. Perform exercises that are bilateral (both sides together, like a squat) or unilateral (one side, like a lunge).

Exercises can be isometric (where you hold a position), eccentric or negative-based (slowly lower into a position), or you can move through the whole range of motion under control. Be creative in the exercises you select and how you can add weight or make the exercises more challenging. Filling a backpack with heavy objects (textbooks, canned food) can be an easy way to make exercises harder!


Here is a simple bodyweight circuit:

1. Squat to Reverse Lunge (8 reps per side)
2. Bent Over Row (12 reps per side)
3. Prone Plank (30-second hold)
4. Push-Up to Shoulder Tap (5 reps per side – 10 total)
5. Towel Hamstring Leg Curl (12 reps)
6. Side Plank with Hip Raise (10 reps per side)

Rest 60 to 90 seconds and repeat circuit 3-4 times.

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