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How technology can teach

Apps like the Hockey Canada Network are changing the way Hockey Canada Skills Academies go about developing their players

November 17, 2017

Craig Sherbaty, lead instructor for the Hockey Canada Skills Academy at Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary School in Surrey, B.C., talks about how the Hockey Canada Network and technology are being embraced and effectively used in Hockey Canada Skills Academies.

Q: Tell us about yourself and the Hockey Canada Skills Academy you instruct at.

Currently, I am the director of hockey operations for North Delta Minor Hockey. I am a BC Hockey coach mentor and have been a contributing BC Hockey volunteer since 1992.  Also, I have been working with the Vancouver Canucks Centre for BC Hockey Coaches Day since 2008 as the lead on-i ce instructor.

2005 was our inaugural year for the Hockey Canada Skills Academy at Lord Tweedsmuir . The program is open to all students from Grades 8 to 10. Each year, our objective is to utilize new information, improve our program and plan out the next season.

Q: Why are you integrating technology onto the ice?

We are using technology on the ice to assist us in providing our players with a unique experience. The opportunity to see video provides clarification on the outcomes, as well as showing the proper techniques. For example, we utilize stations where we video each player’s shooting technique and use a split screen to show proper technique and identify corrections that can be made.

Q: How are you using the Hockey Canada Network?

I use the Hockey Canada Network in a couple of ways. The app makes lesson- planning easy and allows me the flexibility to create progressions that work best for our group. In addition, I can send the plans to the teachers and secondary instructors, which promotes a very detailed teaching environment as all of us know exactly what is happening on the ice. I also use Drill Hub as a resource to allow me to see and set some goals for our players. The drills are easy to follow which again saves time and organization.

Q: What are the students saying about the Hockey Canada Network?

The students really enjoy the app. They enjoy seeing the drills on the TV and it allows us as instructors to provide key teaching points, pause, and rewind to reinforce as needed. In addition, it cuts down on the time we spend stationary at a coaching board.

Want to start using the Hockey Canada Network more proficiently with your team? Watch the tutorials found under the Learning icon or look through the pre-made practice plans under the Skill Development icon for more ideas.

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