2011 Esso Cup

Kings County Kings 2 - Toronto Aeros 9


ST. ALBERT, Alta. – Audrey Potts (Toronto, Ont.) and Lauren Wildfang (Waterdown, Ont.) bothcontributedacouple of goals to a 9-2 victory for the Toronto Aeros (Ontario) over the Kings County Kings(Atlantic)onWednesday, giving the Aeros another three points in the standings and getting them a stepclosertosemifinals later this week.

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Although it was another difficult loss for the Kings at the 2011 Esso Cup, the team from AtlanticCanadaputup quite a fight against the Pacific representatives, keeping the score close for the top half ofthefirst.Forward Morgan Sly (Collingwood, Ont.) opened the scoring at just over five minutes into thefirst,but MaryJane Brothers (Souris, P.E.I.) came back within two minutes to put her team on the scoreboard.Thegoal gavethe Kings a confidence boost knowing they could put the puck in the net, and they continuedtobattle harddespite three more goals for Toronto before the period was up, including one onthepowerplay.

They may have been down 4-1 entering the second, but the Kings County Kings weren't about to giveup,withRebecca Chapman (Souris, P.E.I.) making it 4-2 at 5:58 in the period. But Toronto was determinedtomaintaina wide gap, with another four goals fired into the back of the Kings' net by the time thebuzzerindicated itwas intermission. With an 8-2 deficit to kick off the third, the Kings were clearly tiredofseeing the Aeroslight up the lamp behind their net, and managed to hold off the competition for most oftheperiod, with theexception of a goal from Lauren Wildfang (Waterdown, Ont.) in the first minute of theperiod.Wildfang'sfirst goal came at 16:33 in the second, while Audrey Potts (Toronto, Ont.) notched her twomarkersmidwaythrough the first and second.

Kings County takes on the Edmonton Thunder (Pacific) at 12 p.m. and it's Toronto versus theNotreDameHounds (West) at 4 p.m. on Thursday, the final day of preliminary action at the 2011 Esso Cup.


Game Information
Game Number 10 Round Preliminary
Arena Servus Place City, Country St. Albert, Alta.
Month / Day / Year 04/20/2011 Time 12:00 AM MT
Attendance Game Status Final

Box Score   1     2     3   Total
Kings County Kings (ATL) 1 1 0 2
Toronto Aeros (ONT) 4 4 1 9

First Period
   05:34 ONT 18 Morgan Sly (26 Brooke Webster, 9 Audrey Potts)
   07:28 ATL 21 Mary Jane Brothers (27 Jenna Fitzpatrick, 33 Sasha Mooney)
   07:35 ONT 9 Audrey Potts (18 Morgan Sly)
   10:35 ONT 26 Brooke Webster (24 Emma Korbs)
   12:45 ONT 8 Jordan McDonell (21 Lauren Wildfang, 11 Breanne Wilson-Bennett) PP

   02:27 ATL 2 Hannah Nabuurs (Hooking)
   11:11 ATL 12 Rebecca Chapman (Hooking)
   14:42 ATL 33 Sasha Mooney (Hooking)
   15:45 ONT 24 Emma Korbs (Hooking)

Second Period
   05:58 ATL 12 Rebecca Chapman (22 Tiffany Batchilder)
   06:42 ONT 17 Hayley Masters (4 Breanne Grant)
   09:10 ONT 9 Audrey Potts (18 Morgan Sly, 26 Brooke Webster)
   11:58 ONT 24 Emma Korbs (26 Brooke Webster) PP
   16:33 ONT 21 Lauren Wildfang (17 Hayley Masters, 7 Emma Greco)

   10:31 ATL 33 Sasha Mooney (Tripping)
   10:46 ATL 64 Laura Bradley (Cross Checking)
   14:33 ATL 14 Ellen Jenkins (Roughing)
   17:26 ONT 21 Lauren Wildfang (Hooking)

Third Period
   00:58 ONT 21 Lauren Wildfang (11 Breanne Wilson-Bennett)

   03:00 ONT 19 Victoria Andreakos (Hooking)
   11:20 ONT 8 Jordan McDonell (Hooking)
   11:45 ONT 26 Brooke Webster (Interference)
   15:15 ONT 8 Jordan McDonell (Elbowing)
   16:54 ATL 9 Anna McInnis (Holding)
   19:39 ATL 14 Ellen Jenkins (Bodychecking)

Kings County Kings
00 Emma Meanor On 1/00:00 Off 1/12:45
5 Alex Hendricken On 1/12:46 Off 2/09:10
00 Emma Meanor On 2/09:11 Off 3/20:00
Toronto Aeros
30 Sarah Stephens On 1/00:00 Off 3/20:00

Shots on Goal   1     2     3   Total
Kings County Kings 9 6 5 20
Toronto Aeros 19 15 10 44

Player of the Game
Toronto Aeros 26 Brooke Webster
Kings County Kings 6 Alyssa Ferguson
Referee Dana Argue
Lines People Nicole Bohnen, Alanna Llewellyn
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