2009 Esso Cup

Westman Wildcats  6 -  Northern Stars  0

by Derek Kelly Neumeier

The Manitoba champion Westman Wildcats continued their hot start to the 2009 Esso Cup Tuesday afternoon, winning their second game in a row with a decisive 6-0 triumph over the Atlantic champion Northern Stars.


The Wildcats were the dominant team all game long, winning the majority of the puck battles, forcing the most turnovers and creating the best scoring chances. Their supremacy could be seen in the shot count, as the edged the Stars 41-14 in that regard.

After going down 2-0 following the first period the Stars prevented themselves from mounting a comeback in the second due to three consecutive penalties within the span of one minute and thirty-two seconds. The skilled Wildcats powerplay converted on two of those chances, extending their lead to 4-0 and stealing all of the momentum. They would eventually add two more goals in the third to wrap up the well-earned victory.

Wildcats forward Amy Lee led the way offensively, scoring one goal and three assists on her way to winning Player Of The Game honours for her team. Captain Brittany Phillips also had a strong game, scoring one goal and adding two assists.

Westman goaltender Darby Peaslee stopped all 14 shots that she faced, but the better goalie in the match was Northern’s Emily Blakely. Despite allowing six goals she kept her team competing with 35 saves, many of which were of the dazzling variety.

The undefeated Wildcats will put their streak on the line Wednesday night against the host Calgary Flyers, who are also undefeated up to this point. The Stars will be looking to counter their losing ways on Wednesday afternoon when they face the also winless Scarborough Sharks.


Game Information
Game Number Round Preliminary
Arena Max Bell Centre City, Country Calgary, Alta., Canada
Month / Day / Year 04/21/2009 Time (local) 04:00 PM MT
Attendance Game Status Final

Box Score   1     2     3   Total
Westman Wildcats (WST) 2 2 2 6
Northern Stars (ATL) 0 0 0 0
First Period
   05:10 WST 14 Brittany Phillips (4 Amy Lee)
   10:29 WST 11 Jenna-Marie Durnin (14 Brittany Phillips, 4 Amy Lee) PP

   08:37 ATL 29 Alyssa Sherrard (Interference)
   13:14 WST 10 Danielle Maxwell (Interference)
   18:18 WST 2 Sarah Williams (Bodychecking)
   18:45 ATL 14 Stephanie Marquis (Roughing)
   18:45 WST 14 Brittany Phillips (Roughing)

Second Period
   13:50 WST 4 Amy Lee (5 Brigette Lacquette) PP2
   15:09 WST 15 Kayleigh Chapman (8 Teal Crosson, 3 Laura Williams) PP

   00:22 ATL 20 Jodi Hachey (Holding)
   06:04 WST 11 Jenna-Marie Durnin (Hooking)
   11:09 WST 11 Jenna-Marie Durnin (Hooking)
   11:30 ATL 22 Christina Kelly (Cross Checking)
   12:32 ATL 24 Jodie Dupéré (Tripping)
   13:02 ATL 11 Kim Deschênes (Cross Checking)
   15:52 WST 3 Laura Williams (Slashing)

Third Period
   02:14 WST 3 Laura Williams (15 Kayleigh Chapman, 19 Brandi Pollock)
   15:42 WST 11 Jenna-Marie Durnin (14 Brittany Phillips, 4 Amy Lee)

   03:32 WST 4 Amy Lee (Hooking)
   06:07 ATL 24 Jodie Dupéré (Interference)
   08:19 WST 18 Kiara De Kezel (Hooking)
   16:23 ATL 5 Morgan Matchett (Hooking)
   17:12 WST 14 Brittany Phillips (Roughing)
   19:31 WST 2 Sarah Williams (Tripping)
   19:43 ATL 24 Jodie Dupéré (Bodychecking)

Westman Wildcats
20 Darby Peaslee On 1/00:00   Off 3/20:00
Northern Stars
30 Emily Blakely On 1/00:00   Off 3/20:00

Shots on Goal   1     2     3   Total
Westman Wildcats 14 18 9 41
Northern Stars 4 4 6 14

Player of Game
Westman Wildcats 4 Amy Lee
Northern Stars 19 Karine Roy
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