2009 Esso Cup

Northern Stars  1 -  Calgary Flyers  6

By: Tessa Clayton

The Calgary Flyers went on to win their second round robin game of the tournament in the same fashion as their shutout win the night before.

The Flyers scored two goals in the opening period, three in the second and one in the third to coast to a 6-1 victory over the Stars. Forwards Chelsea Minor, Erin Lally and Sadie Lenstra were the offensive leaders for the Flyers this game, each posting a goal and an assist. Forward Suzie Laroque scored with just over three minutes left in the third to put the Stars on the board.

After going penalty free in the first period, the Flyers took more than their share in the second and third periods, allowing the Northern Stars to pick up their play continuously throughout the remainder of the game, especially in the third period. After outshooting the Stars in the opening two periods, the Flyers stumbled in the third and gave the Stars some much needed breathing room.

The Stars switched their goalies in the second, but their game plan was no match for the Flyers intense fore-checking and solid defense. While all three goalies played well and each had some spectacular saves, Bailey Toupin of the Flyers triumphed again, posting her second win of the tournament.

The Stars will face the Westman Wildcats tomorrow afternoon and try to shake off tonight’s loss. The undefeated Flyers will face the league champion Edmonton Thunder tomorrow night with hopes of continuing their winning streak here on home turf.


Game Information
Game Number Round Preliminary
Arena Max Bell Centre City, Country Calgary, Alta., Canada
Month / Day / Year 04/20/2009 Time (local) 07:30 PM MT
Attendance Game Status Final

Box Score   1     2     3   Total
Northern Stars (ATL) 0 0 1 1
Calgary Flyers (HST) 2 3 1 6
First Period
   06:45 HST 14 Emily Harrison (18 Shawna Griffin)
   12:07 HST 11 Sadie Lenstra

   02:06 ATL 5 Morgan Matchett (Hooking)
   07:09 ATL 14 Stephanie Marquis (Interference)
   14:06 ATL 20 Jodi Hachey (Cross Checking)

Second Period
   01:17 HST 12 Erin Lally (8 Chelsea Minor)
   07:24 HST 10 Brittany Styner (11 Sadie Lenstra)
   15:17 HST 18 Shawna Griffin (2 Ferran Brown, 4 Jasmin Teske)

   02:51 HST 6 Gillian Doyle (Bodychecking)
   09:12 HST 15 Victoria Porter (Interference)
   16:25 ATL 14 Stephanie Marquis (Tripping)
   18:03 ATL 29 Alyssa Sherrard (Roughing)

Third Period
   16:47 ATL 66 Suzie Larocque (11 Kim Deschênes, 19 Karine Roy) PP
   19:18 HST 14 Emily Harrison (12 Erin Lally)

   03:08 HST 14 Emily Harrison (Interference)
   04:50 HST 5 Kayla Kaluzny (Holding)
   15:36 HST 10 Brittany Styner (Roughing)

Northern Stars
1 Kristy Dobson On 1/00:00   Off 2/08:02
30 Emily Blakely On 2/08:02   Off 3/20:00
Calgary Flyers
20 Bailey Toupin On 1/00:00   Off 3/20:00

Shots on Goal   1     2     3   Total
Northern Stars 3 6 10 19
Calgary Flyers 22 21 7 50

Player of Game
Northern Stars 30 Emily Blakely
Calgary Flyers 14 Emily Harrison
Referee Rikki Lee Brown
Lines People Andrea Mueller, Luana Heselwood
Goal Judge Murray Briceland, Chuck Doughty
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