Global Girls’ Game goes east
Akil Thomas followed his dad into hockey. Now, the WJC hero is hoping young players of all ethnic backgrounds play the game and chase their dreams on and off the ice.
10 Moments of Girls & Women Changing the Game of Hockey.
WWC roster unveiled
They won’t have the chance to chase gold on home ice, but 23 players were selected to wear the Maple Leaf in N.S.
Blair McCulloch is not letting ongoing arena problems at the Gillam Recreation Centre get in the way of providing a Hockey Canada Skills Academy for local students.
Dreams come true in N.W.T.
The Hockey Canada Foundation paid a visit to Yellowknife, getting 30 young players on the ice and in the game.
HC Ambassador: Trevor McLellan
In 2010, Caronport had no hockey. Enter Trevor McLellan, who has rebuilt the game in small-town Saskatchewan.
Ken Dryden, Sheldon Kennedy and Dr. Charles Tator have been selected as Distinguished Honourees of the Order of Hockey in Canada, and will be honoured in Niagara Falls.
What if the best things about sport – ethics, honour, teamwork and sportsmanship – carried over to the online world?
Tom talks mental health
The CEO talks to Team Canada alumnus Corey Hirsch as he shares his story of mental illness and the road to recovery.
Does your local hockey association want to host the NHL/NHLPA First Shift program and help welcome new-to-hockey families in your community to the game? Apply now!
When a stoppable shot sneaks by, the key for goaltenders is to manage their reaction and put the focus on competing.
Canadian hockey parents say half-ice U9 games promote skill development, self-confidence, teamwork and fun.
GTG: Global Girls’ Game in St. John’s
40 players gathered for hockey, culture and empowerment.
2019-20 NWT - USA 3 - CAN 1 (Game 4)
Larocque scored, but Canada dropped the final Canadian stop.
2019-20 NWT - CAN 3 – USA 2 OT (Game 3)
Bach was the extra-time hero to get Canada its first victory.
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