School Program

Math – Grade 5

Word Junior Transformations

  • Students use the World Junior and Hockey Canada Logos to perform transformations on grid paper.

Home Team Attendance

  • Students use estimation strategies and number sense to estimate the attendance of a National Hockey League team in a Canadian hockey market
Building an Arena
  • Students will use their knowledge of measurement – capacity, perimeter, surface area etc. to construct/build a Hockey Canada arena.

Basic Facts Hockey Puzzle - Multiplication

  • Students work on the basic skill multiplying 2 digit by 2 digit numbers to discover the name of a Hockey Canada player. 

Hockey Store

  • Students will use a repertoire of math strategies to solve decimal multiplication problems

Basic Facts Hockey Puzzle – Division

  • Students work on the basic skill of division (3-digit by 1-digit) and interpret remainders to discover the name of the Hockey Canada player.