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Hockey Canada Safety Person Program

Safety and injury prevention through education

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The Hockey Canada Safety Person program is a development initiative of Hockey Canada. The emphasis of the volunteer program is on injury prevention and safety through risk management and education. It includes resources to help make the minor hockey experience safer and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

The program improves the game by providing an organized, easy-to-access education program for hockey safety and injury-prevention volunteers. It provides participants with information they need to promote and implement improved safety, risk management and injury-prevention practices in hockey. Today, Hockey Canada has adopted the safety person program as a mandatory program to show its commitment to improving the safety and enjoyment of the game.

The program is available to any person who is interested in being a safety person on their team. The six-hour program is a simple approach to safety and injury prevention. If you are interested in becoming the safety person for your team, contact your local member branch for clinic information.

Hockey Canada Safety Person Program Modules

Module 1: Purpose and Welcome
Module 2: Fair Play and Code of Ethics
Module 3: Risk Management
Module 4: Medical information
Module 5: First Aid Kit
Module 6: Bullying Harassment and Abuse
Module 7: Protective Equipment
Module 8: Hygiene
Module 9: Warm up and Stretching
Module 10: Emergency Action Plan
Module 11: Injury Recognition and Management Principles
Module 12: Spinal Injuries
Module 13: Concussions
Module 14: Injuries
Module 15: Medical Conditions and Disabilities
Module 16: Removing Players form Action
Module 17: Nutrition
Module 18: Performance enhancements substances

NOTE: Ontario residents take the equivalency program called the Hockey Trainer Certification Program (HTCP) by visiting


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