Girls and Women's Hockey

Women Master Coach Developer Program

Hockey Canada launched the Women Master Coach Developer (WMCD) Program in July 2019 to introduce more hockey coaching programs led by women. The WMCD Program is currently equipping 38 coach leaders with the ability to not only deliver coach clinics but to also train future facilitators and evaluators in each Member to increase the number of women-led coaching programs from coast to coast to coast. The impact of this program will ensure an engaging and welcoming training experience for all coaches, dramatically increasing the number of active women coaches at youth levels of hockey across Canada. More women in active and meaningful coaching roles will create the infrastructure needed to support the participation of girls and women in hockey.

Following completion of the WMCD Certification, delegates will work directly with their Member Branch or Member Partner in a leadership role to optimize the delivery of the We Are Coaches Program and will support and mentor women coaches within their communities.

WMCD Program Delegates are required to complete the following:

  • NCCP Core Evaluator Training
  • Hockey Canada Evaluator Certification
  • NCCP Core Facilitator Training
  • Hockey Canada Facilitator Certification
  • NCCP Master Coach Developer Training
  • NCCP Master Coach Developer Certification
  • Canadian Tire Jumpstart Keeping Girls in Sport Module
  • Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders
  • NCCP Make Ethical Decisions training and online evaluation


Professional development webinars are also offered to delegates throughout the season on a variety of topics, including mentorship, sports psychology, emotional intelligence, and more.  

WMCD Program delegates are nominated by their Hockey Canada Member each season based on the following criteria:

  • Nominations are accepted for women only.
  • Nominees must be currently trained or certified at the Development 1 level or higher.
  • A minimum of 3 years coaching experience at or above the Competitive Bantam Stream is required.
  • Nominees should be viewed as advocates for female hockey within their communities.


Hockey Canada is not solely looking for high-performance coaches but seeking nominees who are actively involved in their local hockey associations, have a strong mentorship potential, and are dedicated to growing the participation of girls and women in hockey in their community.

If you meet the above criteria and are passionate about training and supporting new women coaches, please reach out directly to your Member Champion for more information.

2020-2021 Women Master Coach Developer Program
WMCD Program Delegate Member
Kaylee Grant Hockey North
Whitney Juszkiewicz BC Hockey
Samm Holmes-Domagala Hockey Alberta
Robin Ulrich Hockey Saskatchewan
Stephanie Pascal Ontario Women's Hockey Association
Noemie Tanguay Hockey Quebec
Christine Bouchat-Bonin Hockey New Brunswick

2019-2020 Women Master Coach Developer Program
WMCD Program Delegate Member
Jessica Cox Hockey North
Christina Sharun BC Hockey
Nancy Wilson BC Hockey
Kendall Newell Hockey Alberta
Taryn Baumgardt Hockey Alberta
Deana Gelinas Hockey Saskatchewan
Colleen Sostorics Hockey Saskatchewan
Brenda Cromartie Hockey Saskatchewan
Ashley van Aggelen Hockey Manitoba
Regan Boulton Hockey Manitoba
Sarah Zacharias Hockey Manitoba
Debbie Bland Ontario Women's Hockey Association
Jennifer Hitchcock Ontario Women's Hockey Association
Farren Hart Ontario Women's Hockey Association
Tiffany Hart Ontario Women's Hockey Association
Stacey Colarossi Ontario Women's Hockey Association
Teresa Hutchinson Ontario Women's Hockey Association
Tammy Reynolds Ontario Women's Hockey Association
Cherie Piper Ontario Women's Hockey Association
Brianne Jenner Ontario Women's Hockey Association
Mercedes Watson Greater Toronto Women's Hockey League
Noemie Marin Hockey Quebec
Stephanie Poirier Hockey Quebec
Isabelle Leclaire Hockey Quebec
Genevieve David Hockey New Brunswick
Cassidy Hilworth Hockey  New Brunswick
Carla Alderson Hockey Nova Scotia
Fiona Smith-Bell Hockey Nova Scotia
Linda Massie Hockey Newfoundland & Labrador
Stephanie Delaney Hockey Newfoundland & Labrador


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