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Administrators Guide

The purpose of the Administrators Guide is to acquaint local hockey organizers with the Hockey Canada Initiation Program, and how to put the program to good use in their association.

The guide includes an overview of the Hockey Canada model programs, information on setting up the Initiation Program, getting parents onside, and the importance of instructor training.

Implementation Guide

The Hockey Canada Initiation Program is designed for players five and six years old, but is suitable for any entry-level hockey player. It clearly lays out how to get players started in hockey so they will:

  • have fun;
  • learn skills;
  • and develop confidence.

The local MHA must make a commitment to the Initiation Program and be prepared to support it.

The commitment involves making an informed decision to implement the program and having the courage to stick with it until it is an accepted way of doing things and begins to produce players and coaches.

This is a different program from those normally offered, with learning being emphasized as opposed to playing full-ice games. The MHA must realize this and be prepared to deal with it, and not lose sight of the fact that the program has been designed for the children, not adults.

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