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Hockey University is your first step toward becoming a certified hockey coach, official or safety person.

Community Coach addresses the core knowledge every new coach must have as they begin their coaching career. Topics covered in the four-hour program include the coaching code of ethics; skills and drills; dealing with athletes; dealing with parents; and the philosophy of coaching.

The Community Coach program is delivered in two parts: in Part A, you complete the online program, while in Part B, you lace up, step on the ice and put what you learned to work.


Officiating 1/2 is the first step for all new hockey officials in Canada. The Officiating 1/2 stream of Hockey University provides the basic information every new official needs, including everything from the divisions of the ice to the proper way to conduct face-offs, how to determine penalties and referee positioning. It is the baseline of information you need before you ever put on the stripes.

This program is completed in two parts: in Part A, you complete the online program, while in Part B, you will attend a certification clinic in your area and register with your respective branch.


Safety is a great introduction to team safety, injury recognition and important information for anyone who wishes to be a team safety person. From the fair play code and code of ethics, to safety at the rink, injury management and the emergency action plan, the three-hour program gives you the information and confidence needed to be the go-to person on your team for health, wellness, injury recognition and safe and proper recovery and return-to-play procedures.


PLEASE NOTE: Hockey Canada members who participate in the Community Coach or Officiating 1/2 clinics through Hockey University are also required to attend an in-person clinic session at the completion of the Hockey University online course. Members will not be permitted to register for an in-person clinic until the Hockey University modules are completed.

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