Why host a Hockey Canada event?

There are a number of advantages to hosting a national or international event. Hosting is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase your community in front of the country, and in front of the world. It will leave a lasting legacy that will impact your community and its citizens for years to come.

Primarily, Hockey Canada feels the biggest advantages to hosting a national or international event are:

Local & National Legacy

  • National events generate revenue from a number of sources, including ticket sales, local sponsorship, merchandise and food vendors, just to name a few. This money is reinvested into the community through a legacy plan created by the host committee.
  • Legacy plans are uniquely created by each host committee. This is an opportunity for a host committee to recognize a unique need in their community, and create a lasting memory and impact that extends for years beyond the event.


  • National events draw players, families and fans from all over the country. The host community will be in the national spotlight, and fans from surrounding areas will gravitate to the arena. This will surely give a boost to the tourism industry in the host community for the duration of the event.
  • Drawing players from across the country creates a unique opportunity to showcase landmarks and tourism attractions in the host community. With the recent boom in social media, these opportunities extend to family, friends and the nation.

Economic Impact

  • There is a significant economic impact that results from hosting a national or international event. In addition to the legacy that is created by the host committee, surrounding businesses will also profit from the increase of traffic in and out of the arena and area.
  • From past events, Hockey Canada has produced economic-impact studies that highlight the unique impressions its events leave on a community.

Hockey Development

  • In addition to the tremendous hockey that will be played at the national or international event, Hockey Canada’s development staff will create a development program for local minor hockey and female hockey players. This will include school visits, hockey clinics and mini-games during intermissions.
  • Events also provide an opportunity to involve and showcase minor hockey in the host community. Hockey Canada encourages the host committee to partner with local minor hockey associations to contribute to the event, and promote the development of their program.

National TSN Broadcast

  • A premier partner of Hockey Canada, TSN broadcasts the gold medal game at all national and international events. This ensures the host community and host facility are in the national spotlight and featured on a national broadcast.
  • Average viewers on TSN (spring 2014 events):
    • Esso Cup – 16,000
    • TELUS Cup – 143,000
    • RBC Cup – 101,400

Hockey Canada Events and Properties

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